Matt Nakoa Responsive/Mobile Friendly Web Design & Development

Matt Nakoa Website & Brand Identity

After 4 years (I first designed the site for Matt in 2013), we decided to do a redesign of the overall website of Matt Nakoa, a great singer songwriter and musician from US.

The website is not only beautiful, clean, modern & professional, but it is also rich with functionalities to highlight Matt’s music and talent. It also provides platform for fans to listen and buy his music and to connect to him through his website or any of the social media displayed. There is also a mailing list for fans to subscribe to Matt Nakoa’s newsletter.

The website is highly informative as visitors know his tour dates and the information related to the show (where to buy ticket, when and the location). The visitor can watch his videos, listen to his music, read the latest news, etc. The goal of the design style of Matt Nakoa website is to have a website that is highly informative and communicative, highlight Matt’s talent, social media friendly, but still have this clean simple modern look to it.

I chose a one-page website style for easy navigation so visitor can listen to Matt’s music while going through different pages in his website. The website is highly informative, communicative but still simple, beautiful and entertaining to the people who visit the site.
I have always a wonderful experience working with Matt all this time and I wish him a greater success in his music’s career. I sincerely hope this new website will help Matt achieve that. Thank you for the trust you put in me to do your website.

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